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May / June 2015 Issue

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We admire your drive in constantly seeking new opportunities to improve your business. You deserve to have a productive year ahead, so, we want you to meet these solutions that can help you fuel productivity and efficiency in your business.

Engage within range with M2M Video Analytics:

There is more to your store's CCTV camera than surveillance and security. Singtel's M2M Video Analytics, combines your video surveillance with analytics to provide you with key information to help improve the way you engage with your customers. M2M Video Analytics, an affordable and easy-to-implement solution for retail chain stores and F&B outlets, allows SMEs to get customer intelligence solely based on the captured footage of their CCTV cameras.

  • Numbers to your advantage

    Make statistics your best friend with M2M Video Analytics. Monitor your store’s foot traffic, get to know your customer demographics, identify key areas in your store, and keep track of the number of people in one specific area - some of the many activities that you can utilise in improving the customer's journey inside your store.

  • Security beyond surveillance

    Optimise the functionality of your video cameras with tools to help improve your store’s security. M2M Video Analytics allows you to:

    • Monitor who has been inside your store and how long they’ve been looking at the direction of the camera;
    • Define high security areas and alerts you when someone is in such areas;
    • Set boundaries and prevent unwanted in and out movements;
    • Detect loiterers inside the store by tracking the amount of time individuals spend in a specific area; and
    • Immediately act on camera tampering if the view gets out of focus or is blocked.

  • Results you can identify

    Ultimately, M2M Video Analytics is all about the results. With the statistics at your fingetips, you can customise your operations to better suit both your business and your customers:Ultimately, M2M Video Analytics is all about the results. With the statistics at your fingetips, you can customise your operations to better suit both your business and your customers:

    • Increase sales conversions and improve customer engagement
    • Improve ROI on sales and marketing campaigns
    • Insights into sales performance across multiple outlets
    • Increase effectiveness of surveillance system operations and reduce associated manpower costs
    • Optimise and balance the allocation of manpower resource

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Stay connected with your business through Singtel's Roaming Plans:

We know that travelling comes with your work. Whether you travel frequently or only once in a while, we understand that staying connected while overseas is important to you. That’s why we strive to provide convenient and cost-efficient solutions for you to be updated with happenings in the office or to answer clients' queries through Singtel roaming monthly plans.

  • Voice Roaming

    Colleagues and clients are only a phone call away with Singtel Voice Roaming (monthly) plan with worldwide coverage.

    You can use any operator worldwide and achieve savings of up to 53% when you roam overseas. Now, you can call from anywhere to any destination, whenever you need within the 60mins* plan. Nothing beats a warm call to business partners to seal the deal.

    At just $169/month (UP: $300) for 60 minutes of talktime, the Voice Roaming (monthly) plan includes:

    • International calls
    • International calls (SIN)
    • Local calls incoming
    • Local calls outgoing

    *30mins voice roaming plan is also available.

  • Data Roaming

    Staying in touch and in the loop is a breeze with Sintgtel Data Roaming. With seamless data connectivity in 101 countries (including Myanmar and more), you are assured to have a hassle-free and productive business trip wherever you go.

    You can save up to 91% off your pay-per-use data roaming rate by signing up for a 45MB plan at $98/ month. Roaming plan exclusive for Vietnam is also available.

    With 45MB, you can:

    • Check your important emails for a good amount of time
    • Google on your phone for 5 mins
    • Update your location on Facebook and more

    *Plan excludes Vietnam. Roaming plan exclusive for Vietnam is also available.
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Google Drive
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